Smoke Evacuator

Effective Filter Technology

»Filter ULPA efficient 99.999% @ 0.1 micron for tube size Ø22 mm and Ø10 mm

»Filter lifetime: 20 hours. Filter change will be indicated at the unit.

»Four-stage and RFID-equipped filter.


»Long filter life, 20 hours activation time.

»Two ports for common filter sizes.

»No need for prefilters or adapters.

»For most purposes, reducing cost per procedure.


»Ultra quiet operation will assist in providing a safe operating environment without disruption.


»Operate with a Iconic Electro surgical , foot pedal switches , or Remote Switch Activator with obtional 7 second delay (After stopping the operator command)

Auto-Sense RFID Technology

»Automatically tracks and records filter life.

Turbo Mode

»Significantly increases the airflow to quickly remove smoke plume from the surgical site.

Technical Details

»Main Voltage: 220 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

»Max air flow: 750 litre/min

»Normal air flow: 420 litre/min

»Power input: 800VA

»Max Noise level: 60dbA

»Protection class: class I

»Weight: 12 kg

»Dimensions (WxDxH): 40.2x47.6x19 cm

List of Standard Accessories

»Four-stage ULPA filter (20 hours life time)

»Air tube ,Ø22mm , 1.6 m - disposable

»Smoke evacuator bipolar electrode (Tube ,Ø10mm) – disposable (Optional)


»ESU connection cable

»Remote switch activator(Optional)

»Fluid canister (1.5 Litre) (Optional)

»Funnel (Optional)

»pin joint arm (Optional)

Ivac Smoke Evacuation

»The smoke evacuator Ivac offers reliable protection from particles,viruses, gases and carcinogenic substances capable of invading the lung.When used in automatic mode, the smoke evacuator is only active when needed, triggered by HF- or laser activation.

Ivac Applications

Open surgery :

»• OMF Surgery

»• Plastic Surgery

»• Cardiovascular Surgery

»• Thoracic Surgery

»• Neurosurgery

»• Gynecology

»• Urology

»• ENT Surgery